TC-024 - High Modulus C/F Tubes 1m x 14mm 1m x 12mm 500mm x 10mm


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TC-024 - High Modulus Carbon Fibre Tubes - 1metre x 14mm, 1metre x 12mm & 500mm x 10mm

These 3 length of High Modulus Carbon Fibre Tubes fit together to make a mast up to 2.3 metres long

Ideal for A & B Rigs on Marblehead, !0 Rater and Similar Classes and boats up to 2 metres long


14 mm telescopic mast made ??of high modulus carbon fibre tube.

Weight - 140 grams

Length 2300 mm

Wall Thickness - 1mm

Composed of: - 1st section Ø 14x12 mm - length 1000 mm

                          2nd section Ø 12x10 mm - length 1000 mm

                          3rd section Ø 10x8 mm - length 500 mm

Carbon Fibre Mast Tubes come in 1 metre or 500mm lengths with each size fitting into the next size for mast and boom building, eg 12mm fits into 14mm etc. (When fitting carbon tube inside a smaller diameter, fine sand until you get a neat fit. - forcing the smaller tube into the larger tube will result in the tube splitting). - Tips on joining carbon tubes to make a mast; - Joins in round carbon tubes are made by making an overlap joint equal in length to four times the diameter of the smaller tube. For a successful join follow the steps below: - Wrap some masking tape around the lower end of the smaller mast tube leaving the required length of tube exposed. Abrade the tube on the outside. - Abrade the inside of the larger mast tube mast to a depth equal to the length of the join.. - Smooth all sharp edges, check all gluing surfaces are abraded and clean with solvent. Use acetone if possible or cellulose thinners or alcohol if acetone is not available. - When the fit is good, bond the mast sections using epoxy resin. Paint epoxy resin onto the outside of the smaller tube and also onto the inside of the larger tube. Push them together and remove any excess resin. Ensure any bend in the tubes is aligned the same way. Leave to cure. - After an hour or so the resin will be partly cured and it will be possible to clean the join with solvent without disturbing the join. Check the alignment again before it is too late to correct any mis-alignment.



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