Radio Sailing Shop Boat News : July 2020 - Timber ioms, home building, restoring pond yachts

Boat News  Lockdown edition , everyone is homebuilding!

So Much has been happening while you have been locked down keeping really busy with your building, here are some pics to entertain you, stay safe please.

Gary has built yet another and aptly named it!

This year during 2020 and the Corona Virus marks our 24th year online and our 28th building and sending out RC Sailing Gear and Yachts internationally, how is that!!!

Oh and also , SpectreSails since 1996!

You will find an increased range of parts,boats and sails and of course if you cannot find it , please ask!

Sending to sailors from St.Petersburg to Tokyo and all around the world, its great to be able to share pictures sent back by sailors of how they use the parts and we hope it gives you inspiration and help!

As one of the worlds only Full time run Shops for parts and boats, you can contact us by email or phone or even by appointment drop in, not bad in the age of flash in the pan websites with part time staff and operating hours , limited stock and no phone!

To all that have shared the journey with us and those who we have met, thank you and we hope you can continue to help us share the knowledge to keep this past time alive and strong.

Remember as I continually say,

Its not all about racing, its about fun!


In this issue

-restoring pond yachts

-iom set ups and new boats

-new sailwinches

-rebuilding boats


-timber ioms and other homebuilds

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We are here operating as ever through the challenges of lockdown!


Richard has been sailing our 3D printed iom yachts around the world (as you can see by our bow logos and the ice!)

This one is Andy Hoffmans 'Manta' , available from the 3d print files in store!

No painting required and temperature stable in the ice fields!

Just that it cannnot jump ice bergs, yet!


New ARS-808 , ARS-808R Digital Sailwinches and RMG Sailwinches

Heres the shop line up, s100 sailwinch and ars-808 waterproof winches and the old reliable RMG Smartwinch.

Both the ARS-808, ARS-808R & RMG winches use the same mounting points and drum barrell spline so they can be easly interchanged.

Issues with the 290 series of RMGs saw a new model created with updated trim pot (blue box) to make more water resistant.

The original ARS-808 is a plug and play dumb winch, not as quick as a RMG, but lighter, waterproof and cheaper!

While the ARS-808R is the high speed version!


RG65 wingsails and Una rigs, testing times!

Version 3 of Andrews wing sail has shown good promise on the rgs against the fleet.

Note the rig is laced to a swing rig set up, this has made things alot better and worth trying if you are building a wing sail.

Mark Dicks drew up a UNA rig so as to rial a single sail set up and we built this one and others to gather data, so fa so good!

Tacking is clean as the rig does not stall like a swing rig, making a strong main boom to mast conection is the big issue, however we have been trialing so new ideas there also!

the only way to learn!  test , test , test!


Tony is building ioms and solings!

When Victor model products stopped making Solings and other boats a few like Tony have been making them in fibreglass.

Matching Port and Starboard even!

Here is Tonys latest wooden iom ready to hit the water.



And heres another picture by Richard, this time of my boat!

The Skull, from S.P.E.C.T.R.E, no need to explain if your a James Bond fan, thats where - Spectre Marine and Spectre sails came from, online for 24+ years with boats, parts and sails, now!


A Tasmanian Classic model yacht restoration.

She had been sitting in Tasmania for 80 years until Kyle kindly collected here and transported to the mainland for me, thanks again Kyle!

White everything, mast glued in and bright red stand she had been repainted alot, sanded and varnished deck as a start.

Cleaning the keel of rough paint revealed a copper keel fin too nice to recover!

Deck and hull redone in white with the once red stand and deck matched in timber to the masts.

Add in some new fittings and brass screws (so hard to find these days) and she is looking better than ever.


Dad, left us a year ago, but is always with us.

Dad at the helm of his and mums Lakes fishing boat.

Last year Mum and dad were recognised as citizens of the year during the Austrlaia Day awards for their work in dusting off the rusty old collection of parts in a garage and creating the Paynesville Maritime Museum as it is today.

Collecting, cataloguing and making the information fun and accesible to all, make sure you visit if in Gippsland in Victoria!

Lakes history and things like lead 'duck weight' splines used to hold battens down for drafting hulls.

Chris has made this steamer and many others for the museum.

Dad has worked with our Friend Adrian at Float a Boat to help catalogue the Craft of the Gippsland lakes and capture line plans of the many for the future.


Central Park Sailing with Douglas!

Another 3D printed boat and another boat for us at the club in Central Park New York!


Canterbury J class anyone?

Just had to share this lovely deck built by Chris!


Yes we have rig bags in the shop!

Made in Australia , just like our boats!

New Pikanto kit and Marblehead, a bit more later! sailsetc paradox marblehead


Riks amazing flotila, wow, wow, wow!!!!





Hmas Tobruk




Model of the Maltese Falcon.


Vintage Marblehead restoration, the Kitsch.

KA-424 (KA was used instead of AUS on sails as a part of the british empire until the 1980s!) was needing some love.

Complete with rigs and many coats of paint, removal revealed white underneath and lovely timber foils, she cleaned up well!


Rg65 Racing in Australia.

Some of the fleet on a calm balmy day.

Now blue this SAILSetc Argon has had a rebuild to great effect!

And Robin racing has a new ride also.

As does Daryl with Kermit!


Mini 12 metres! (EC-12s!) (East Coast 12 Metre class)


The class was built from the mold taken off 1960s tank test americas cup model for Eagle!


Everyones building timber boats!

John Started this Gothic Marblehead even before lockdown, we will have to feature a build article on her!


Ralph returns...

Ralph White started sailing rc when we got him into a boat over 30 years ago, scary.  Now hes back in this Vickers v11.

The new Vickers V11 features a deck stepped mast and pot lid access as on the v8, v9 and v10s.

Nicely done as ever and sailing well!


Meanwhile back in the loft...

Now 2 years old the twins found walking around the sail loft fun and cant wait to scooter about! But not on sails!!!!

Some of the latest batch of Spectre Sails, custom colors and sails avaiable in the Sails section of the shop!

When we had sent out our 1000th boat we stopped counting with the realisation that was over 2000 sails made, that was several years ago, and 1000s of eyelets,phew!


More 3D printed boats!!!

Different materials , colors and shapes, the testing goes on!


Star Yachts of Birkenhead, Liverpool and restoring pond yachts!

Restoring pond yachts as one of few workshops in the world who do so not only to keep the boats alive and from being thrown away but to help keep the knowledge passed on to us by retiring masters!

This is how they typically arrive.

Before a clean and rebuild a good stand is the best place to start, heres after alot of work and care and our new stand.

Even a basic repair can clean the Star Yacht up and keep the Pateena of a 80 year old boat!

Some need more help than others to come back to life, its a tricky balance of restore or replace.

More awaiting cleaning up and rehoming, if you ever need another boat looked at let us know!

A USA Keystone pond yacht cleaned up beautifully, some times its just about a matt paint vs a satin vs a gloss.

Or a coat of all 3 to give the right aged look as in these repairs to a 'Southern Star"

So many boats survive without rigs, if you have a rig with sails, do not throw the sails away!!!!

Here is our magnetic Star Yacht Stand, we have larger versions for painting boats , this one is for display and storage.


SAILSetc, Ikon and Pikanto..

You have seen the green Ikon in previous boat news issues and our building a Pikanto article in the shop articles, now we are building Pikantos to the latest spec with the aid of our friend Craig Smith!

Besides helping Zvonko optimise his Pikantos to win the iom world titles, Craig has created this deck molding for our Pikantos that features the same pot lid as the last generation TS-2 ioms and the Kantun and K2 ioms!

And yes the ts-2 is getting closer to being available, lots of parts moldings, but the mold is not bad after 300+ boats!


Another Vickers iom!

Maos old V10 shows the deck layout compared to the orange V11 above.

The wine Glass foils are still stndard on the Vickers boats.


Australian Radio Sailing Parts in store now.

Besides the ARS-808 Sailwinch that has been taking the world by storm, there are...

Standard Vangs, full Stainless Steel straps and Clip On bearing Vangs that cable tie on to eliminate masts snapping due to corrosion, part of the ARS rang that included carbon fibre spreaders, backstay cranes and much more in store.


The New Classic!

The new classic has been coming along nicley and we have been refinging the rigging to make it more transportable.

She sails really well, few more additions and shes right for xmas!

Initially the sails were laced on, however we found mast rings allow us to scandalise and fold up the gaff for transport.

Under deck sheeting gives the look of a pond yacht and the convienience of a remote control craft that returns!

Topsail has been altered so it can be removed for sailing, although a second smaller rig, or a larger rig could just drop in.

Made to be under 1 metre for shipping she fits in the boot of the Mini even, just!


So many parts in store, it will take you days to find them all!

Like the detail on our keels and rudders?


Gordon Maguire and Andrew Wilson have built these beautiful wooden ioms.


The SAILSetc Argon RG65 gets a new color!

And some new race paint!

Great shots by Richard again, thanks budy!

Some detail shots to help set up your swing rigs!


Here is a Alisa pond yacht restoration.

Scotish firm Milbro produced the Alisa many years ago and she was a revolutionary formed metal hull.

This one was in good condition and had gunwhales refreshed and a light repaint and clean to the hull and keel.

Miss Estelle came from a small village in the Uk where she had been sitting in a cupboard for 40 years.

A 1920s boat from Gamages department stores she even has her original rig and sails, not bad for 102+ years old.

A clean and restore enhanced the pateena of age without washing the life story of her journey away.

Please do not just repaint history and the journey of any old boats you find, might as well build a new one if you are planning to and save the real boat!


Steve made this pretty timber iom in the USA to our friend Jeff Byerleys plans.

Nice foils also!


Rays Katana Marblehead.

Great photos by Ray of his favorite boat, as he said nothing can touch her in the light weather, im keeping her and my grunge!

We need to lock Ray up to photograph our other boats!


Did you know Star Yachts of Birkenhead also made cricket bats, beach toys and other items?

Here is a before and after, using original Blue hemp cordage as per the originals 60 years ago.


Oh no not more sails!!!

You have asked for an easier way to order colors on sails and cloth weight so we have updated the product pages for you!

Colors of translucent, white and black cloths join the luff and corner colors as options.


Some nice colored Marbleheads a while ago now, before lockdown.


More of those bloody 3d printed boats you say!

With a bit of sanding and paint they scrub up ok too.

Or left in natural translucent materials to highlight the materials to best advantage, why add weight?


A timber iom thats fast , easy to build and cheap?

Its the Nighthawk from New Zealand, Peters evolutionary design.

Karl sailed his boat in the recent Auckland regatta to 8th place from 32 boats, admittedly as he put it sailed a couple of shocker races that should have been drops. None the less 8th in a flat panel timber boat against Britpops, V8, V9,V10s and V11s!!!!!

The kit is designed to be easily assembled at home and acurately set up with included jigs.


Rg65s are at the end of the rainbow, so much fun to sail!


Surrey Park Dive sailing

If you live in Melbourne or are visiting, check out Surrey Park Dive and the club, they are awesosme and a great set up.

We found this Marblehead built many years ago by our friend Ray Eades, colors match my car, mmm!

The clubs members build some amazing classics and heres ours sailing with one also.


Oh no, more 3D printed boats!!

Mark Dicks has been busy designing and with the help of Zac Chan we have the Visionary iom for download in the store.


Nicks Vintage Marblehead.

Wow, you dont see many like this!

Hope the deck shots help you restoring yours, we are frequently asked on tips , hope these help a little.


Graham has built this little one for the grandkids.

And even remote controlled her!


Another drop into the shop!

We see a lot of boats come through for restoration and helped get this and her twin up and running again.

Although new, this Dragon by Brian is very pretty, whe came to visit recently also.


Black sails matter?

We have been asked for many years do we do black sails? you can find them as an option for many designs now in store!

Normal lightweight film or the typical Polyeser cloths available.


Setting up your iom, a good start.

Zvonko has made stickers for his world championship winning K2 design and these setting are a great start for many ioms.


My old Vickers V3.

Wonder where she is now, anybody?


Bowsies? Rig stay adjusters, many types.

Besides the newer plastic bowsies, here are some as typically used over the last 100 years.  Brass from a Star Yacht.

Plastic from a Star Yacht and Bakelite from a Star. We also have a range of other vintage bowsies and parts in store.


The 507 footy is still going, everywhere!

Going to Bermuda and Central Park New York these 2!


Yet another timber iom!

Stuart is bulding this iom to sail in Tasmania, looking good so far!


Foiled again!

Just when you though it was all about timber and 3d Plastic monohulls, heres one we have been working on for a while!



We really are lucky in getting to see so many classic boats like this Marblehead.


The Girls go sailing!

The twins turned 2 and finally went sailing!!  I was taken out in my cot, later locked in the cabin by Bruce Farr to shut me up, but these two are not too far behind. Someone come lock them up and keep them away from our boats please!


Printed plastic meets molded plastic ioms!

Jeffs latest Mirage ioms feature a solid 3D printed (not honeycomb, that would not be class legal apparently) pot lid and rim.

Heres some helpful set up photos of sheet rigging.


Another classic, 110+ years old!  Another interesting Pond yacht restoration...

This beauty is coming back to be restored when we have some spare time and space.

Luckily she has many original parts so we have tasked the owner with building a workstand we designed togehter first!


Zutem gets a rebuild.

When we built Zutem in 2003 she was one of a few canting keel boats in the world and has lasted the test of time well.

A new coat of paint and extensive repaint was finished, and new sails delivered and tied on, then covoid stopped any sailing!


Balmain Bugs are pond yachts, racing models not models of real boats!

Hers is a 1 footer and a mini bug. The only rules were hull length, all the rest was open, so hulls were wide and volumus to support a deep and heavy keel to allow a big rig. A typical 1 footer, 1 foot hull, 2 foot bowsprit (bumpkin) and 2 foot boom with 4 foot mast!!!!!

This is our 6 inch kit available in sotre, it does not have the sliding keel like many original bugs did , but you can always add it!

Heres an 8 inch bug we have a mold for also and may be available soon!

The only rules besided hull length are when and where you can pickup the bugs and adjust sails.

This 100 year old bug is sa solid piece of timber carved out. She came to us to restore and you can see some before and after.

On the left you can see 100 years of buildup and life, on the right after the magic has happened. Deck cleaned up well.

The original rudder before and after, the rudder of a Balmain bug is used for stability and to  increase hull lenght not to steer!

Ths is another we cleaned up, a rare builders display model by we think the same builder as the bug before.

Many Bugs were production built by shipwrights as betting and competition for the small beasts was very serious.


Swingrigs, marbleheads and rg65s, similar setups.

So heres some detail shots to help you assemble our rig kits, bit easier than the drawings sometimes!

Note jib luff tension adjusted on jib boom, jib forestay at mast top with jib topping lift.

Without a boom vang, leech and foot control are via adjusters at outboard end of boom.

Some of our booms are foam sandwich carbon, sheding 25% per rig!


Heres another original mold we have in the store room of another classic.


Jos has this derwent 50 to restore, somehow...

As an original boat Jos is debating how to best restore and keep the aged features of Quest and prepare here for next years wooden boat show in Tasmania.

Will be an interesting one to watch. There are several Derwent 50s i nthe tasmanian museum if you ever are in Tasmania!

Typically made from Huon pine and other tassie timbers, what a classic.


Another RG65 shot, couldnt resist!

Swing rig vs conventional rig downhill.


Gregs boats!

Yup, you guessed it, more 12 Metres!

And a Classic, check out the tender being towed!


508 Footy?

With our 507 Footy design now over 10 years old it was time to do a new footy, you can also print a Red 5 Footy from the files section in store.


Peter is restoring this beauty with us at some stage, a larger classic pond yacht restoration!


An iom Alternative?

Dave and the Paynseville lads are buiding and sailing Brad Gibsons Alternative design, a home buld version of the succesful Britpop iom design.

Meanwhile in another corner, Dave has created this iom, looks interesting, we will watch with interest!


More amazing boats and builds.

Tom has crafted this amazing deck while in Paris, Philippe has an old English pond yacht we have helped with!

Ray is building this, bit of work in that deck also!


Another USA restoration of a classic pond yacht!

Melanie asked if we could help nail down this boat of her grandfathers and with the help of the us vintage model group, done!

Checkout the USVMYG website to see some great plans in the bookshop and articles.

We see some really great classic pond yachts from the USA.

The rigging made more sense after the  original photo was sourced from the archives!


Dave from Tasmania is in production!

Must be almost 10 of thes built by now!


Ralphs beast.

So ralph is building this little beast and has plans as you can tell by the poles and parts for spinakers!

The beauty of a wide boat is easy access to winches and radio gear.


Star Yachts of Birkenhead and restoring.

Even for storage you can see how effective our Star pond yacht stand design is.

Here are some before shots showing general Star Yacht rigging and our larger magnetic workstand.

Typical detail shot of an older Star Yacht, pre plastic fittings.

We have traditional cotton cordage in store for restorations and you.

Some more rigging details of the Star Range of Solid pond yachts and  Hollow endeavour as restored earlier.

A red trimmed Ocean Star and blue Southern Star ,Star Yachts.

You can see just how scuffed up the gunwhales on the Alisa were before, as was the keel.

As was the Red trimmed Ocean Star.  Here are some oher Stars Yachts including the smaller ones often overlooked.


12 Metre now restored.

Australia 2 now cleaned up after 20+ years, with the original Spectre Sails!

And my original Eagle from the same era!

Great detail on the deck of the 12 metre and our new classsic alongside.

Came across an original 50cm long 12 metre kit a few years ago, with original painted winged keel.


Nice color!

Peters Plan B iom, worth checking out a really nicely built boat, made in Australia!


Now thats a Classic, isnt it?

Actually its our new classic, designed as a pond yacht, possible remote control as well!

Milled out timber hull (6 hours) and laser cut deck (1 1/2 minutes) bring a new edge to classic pond yacht construction!

But its the details that matter, and you can see she look better because of it!

Stay tuned.



Growing up i was so fortunate to have Dad take me sailing and impart his learnings, one year on and missing him greatly.


Thanks for reading and we hope the stories from around the world have inspired and helped you, please share the knowledge you gain with others and good sailing.


Andrew Cook