Radio Sailing Shop Boat News : Apr 2019 - New foils,10R,new winches,12 metre,3d printing boats

-First edition 2019 , go build, go sail!


This year marks our 23rd year online and our 27th building and sending out RC Sailing Gear and Yachts internationally, hows that!!!

You will find an increased range of parts and boats and of course if you cannot find it , please ask!

As one of the worlds only Full time run Shops for parts and boats, you can contact us by email or phone or even by appointment drop in, not bad in the age of flash in the pan websites with part time staff and operating hours , limited stock and no phone!

To all that have shared the journey with us and those who we have met, thank you and we hope you can continue to help us share the knowledge to keep this past time alive and strong.

Remember as I continually say,

Its not all about racing, its about fun!


In 2019 we have even more new things coming and along with our twin girls turning 1 year old, our racing focus will again take a back seat and see us supporting race management and team sailors internationally more.


Heres a shot from our recent iom racing at Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron on the bay of Port Phillip.


Whatever you sail and where ever you sail, have fun and share the spirit.

Our race boats are built with parts from the shop and we are always happy to share information to help you go as fast as possible and have fun, you will find pics of our boats in the newsletter to aid your build and ideas.


The only condition….

Share the knowledge and help people into our sport and have fun!


A new 10R?

this and more coming soon....


More ioms…

Neil s d2 yachts

Neil is building more and more of his D2 ioms, we are so happy to be able to help a lot of makers to get new designs out and sailing!

Check out Peters Plan B ioms also!


As we said, lots of new toys coming, here is our top quality iom to match our beautiful foils…

just ignore the colour, that’s what happens when the twins pick colours during work experience hour!


New winch?

You will have seen the s100 sailwinch on our site, it complements the brilliant Aussie RMG sailiwinch with the addition it is 40g lighter and waterproof!

Used in IOMs through to 10r and A class, with different drums available.


Ts-2 updates

Here are some of the update parts we have been using on older ts-2s and some early ts-2 keel pics, how things have changed!

Have a look at how we did fittings 20 years ago (actually rigged by our friend craig smith!)



Rebuiliding a 12 metre

Almost 20 years ago we launched a fleet of 12m Americas cup replicas and we received a couple back recently from Harm. The sails had held up brilliantly and with updates in servo technology was a great chance to update the servos and fittings harm had used.

Not bad for a 20 year old plastic boat, well designed and no cracks in the hull!

(First pic is my American Eagle)

Aussie 2 all cleaned up and a new kit still in the store rooms!

Before and after, is it time to rebuild your boat?


Richards ioms

These live in the engine room of a super yacht and are currently on their way to Antarctica for the worlds first rc sailing race in the Antarctic!!!

Also sailing are 3d printed ioms below, we will see how they handle the cold!

Joining the fleet amongst others is Americas Cup and sailing legend Paul Cayard, I wonder if the rc craze will claim another top sailor?



Ioms now and then

Here is the new Andy Hoff design Manta printed alongside the SAILSetc ikon from 1998, the older and new boats certainly look different, but the old aircraft carrier still goes ok!


An earlier IOM from banned alloy fibre weave material.


A Widget iom


Earlier mirage iom design


A Britpop and Panda (current mirage iom ) show the typeforming of designs well.


507 footy on its way to Central Park New York Model Yacht Club!

New higher freeboard and deck level.

Custom carry case and compact hand set fit well for the 507 travel pack!


Re new your sails, restore your boat?

Have and old boat that you love sailing that needs a refresh?

We have made these sails in more durable cloth to get another boat sailing again and as you can see the difference is amazing!


Graemes classic build in queensland.


RG65 class 40th anniversary - 40 years of the class!


More Iom pics from Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron!


Gyorgys new rg65!


Lorenzos J class in spain  / Rays classic

J class on the left and and rays boat on the right!


More Spectre Sails in store! - custom sails, rg65, dragon force 65, dragon Flite 95, IOM, kyosho 614, fairwind, proboat raganza, Victoria and many more as well as custom sails!


Ioms at karkarook park, some recent iom racing.


Katana Marblehead wins again!

The youngest ever marblehead regatta winner in China and first Female also!!!!!!


And in the shop...


Bobs wh15 in the USA.


More rg65s, coming soon...

A new ride for Robin Racing in build for the 2019 season!

The Mark Dicks 'Sith' design is out and going fast with team sailor Ralph White in control.


Shayne Cunningham star boat



Counter weights and angled fittings

New for SAILSetc booms allow the counter weight to be angled up to avoid raised foredecks.


Marcos ioms the latest


Tom great sailing spot, can you guess where it is?


New swingrig fittings


Rogers classic build!


Rig box by scott condie

big thanks to Scott Condie for letting us share his brilliant rig box.  Edge of pine with carpentry biscuits glued to locate the top and bottom sides when closed, the side panels are translucent coreflute corrugated plastic to help reduce weight further, brilliant!


New carbon fittings cranes spreaders



The Mirage 'Panda' iom.

Featuring our carbon fibre spreaders and parts these first two Mirage 'Panda' ioms raced in China with new boats using S100 sail winches to keep reliability up and weight down!



Sail numbering...

we have stick on numbers , big and small, hull numbers and of course the best marker as used by sail makers for numbering, why not give it a go?


The New classic - you have seen it in the background of pictures, its sailing and launching as a kit soon!


New Wind indicators

Now available in 2 sizes for all your needs alobg with rg65 swing rig retention device ( the rig a majig!).


New Boom Vangs lower price and higher quality, full stainless steel vang with alloy body!

Rigging screws also in stock in large size, last in the world!


Couta boat kit closer

First made 20+ years ago we are finesing the kit for modern radio gear and controls, moldings will be pretty much the same!



a good colorful shot from recent sailing day!

Pauls beautiffuly home made Brad Gibson 'Indie' marblehead, color looks great on land and is the best camoflage on the water!

Contrasted with a factory built Brad Gibson design 'Grunge' and the Australian made Katanas from Carbonix!


More rebuilding of the Ikon...

For those of you with an old boat, give it a clean up and new parts and can be like new again!

As you saw last issue this 1998 SAILSetc IKon came back to us after 20 years, but tired and dusty but only $54 complete!

So being such an epic boat, one of the last built by Ian Cole when he was at SAILSetc after selling to the Bantocks, it was always going to be a great restoration. Rob at Rmg cleaned the original 280 winch, it was fine but worth a check up, Graham Bantock molded a new Bow bumper and sent it out and the rest was a repaint of the fins Craig Smith had put on it when it was optimised and some cleaning of dust and new servo tray!

So after relaunch with the original 20 year old Craig Smith rig, new sails and booms are fitted.  low drag bullet jib boom counterweight was used along with new topping lift integrated jib boom aft end.

another shot of the new jib boom topper lift fitting and improved elastic.

Side stays were replaced with self locking turnbuckles and bent for quick fitting, backstay with repeatable adjustment.

And then since its been beating Britpops and new boats on the water, it deserved a new suite of sails!

And a new main boom with integrated outhaul Kit!


More Rg65s!!!!