Radio Sailing Shop Boat News : 2017 boat news 3

-Final 2017 edition, we race, you win!

This year marks our 22nd year online and our 26th building and sending out RC Yachts internationally, hows that!

Its not all about racing, its about fun!

However having said that we have won again for the third straight year in a row since relaunching the shop!

This season in our main RG-65 regatta series we had 45 boats sailing in Sundays premier race events.

For the Tuesday RG-65 racing we had 28 boats, yep won that also!

Good fleets sailing and a strong class of 65cm boats and growing.

In 2018 we have lots of new things coming and along with our recently arrived twin girls, our racing focus will take a back seat and see us supporting race management and team sailors internationally.

In conjunction with Mark Dicks, we are also forming the DicksDesignRacing/ development team.

Whatever you sail and where ever you sail, have fun and share the spirit.

Our race boats are built with parts from the shop and we are always happy to share information to help you go as fast as possible and have fun, you will find pics of our boats in the newsletter to aid your build and ideas.

The only condition….

Share the knowledge and help people into our sport and have fun!


-New year, new boat!

AUS-1 , 'Black betty' got an update, a carbon copy really, literally!




-Flemmings great iom build!

Something is in the water it seems, with so many people building beautiful timber ioms at the moment, here is another!


-New parts for new and old boats, books also!

New classic fittings, sailmaking wings and more coming next year!!!

Spreaders and others!


-More rg65s from Mark Dicks.

Mark didn’t just design the Dragon Force and dragon flite hulls, his Rg65s and ioms are epic and we are building a Sliver up to sail with a couple of other new boats……

More free plans for designs are on the site from Mark, worth a look and a build!


-TS-2 iom rebuilds

If you are restoring a Ts-2 iom built by our friend Craig Smith, as many people seem to be doing right now, here are a couple of shots that may help you!

Here is Craig when he dropped past the other day, had to prise the Ts-2 out of his hands!

We will have Ts-2 bow bumpers and more parts soon also!

Maybe even brand new Ts-2s.......


-Andrew Kohlers 2 foot Balmain Bug

Andrew has the bug like me.

Here is another of his great builds , I await more as they are very inspiring.

He also sent me this great vane gear for my collection, thanks again Andrew!

Vane steering was used mostly before radio controls were created and could be altered so that feedback from the sails headed the boats in a straight line not dependnt on the wind shifts, they are still sailed on some boats in classes though.


-Marblehead racing

Thanks to our friend John Boys for this pic of Lincolns 'F-3' design!

And this one also, of Duncans home built 'Indie' from plans purchased from Brad Gibson!

Nice pocket luff mainsail from BG sails.

(This was when Scott borrowed Yodas boat)

And again Scotty,  Its not an iom!!!

Was windy, but windier in the crash boat....

Ah, you guys!

Couple of events for marbleheads I was not able to sail as my boat and its replacement went on overseas holidays as we just did not have enough katanas for sailors, but I helped out running races and the rescue boat.

With the Australian nationals coming up in Tasmania plenty of marblehead building is going on and at least 2 katanas will be lining up, if I can get my new one built and am allowed to leave our recently arrived twins, I might even be there!

We also have some new custom Marblehead parts coming to the shop soon after an extended testing season.


-RG65s in Noumea!

Noumea, sunny south pacific and our friends have a great fleet of fast Rg-65s sailing in the crystal waters.

After few sails with our Aussie fleet so far and once we are all used to each others radio controls using rudder stick for sails and vica versa, then sailing in on, full throttle!

With predominantly heavier winds in Noumea than our mid to heavy winds (interspersed with ultra light difting conditions here), theres a good chance to see how different hulls perform.

And another regatta of nations coming up!


-Classic sailing

Bit more sailing with Paul and the classics, at 180cm long they are not little boats!

More boats joining the fleet soon! (for more pics see previous newsletters via page button at base of page!)

And we have a smaller classic coming soon also!


-Carbonix Katana Marblehead

Australian made and designed the Katana by our own Dario Valenza at Carbonix carries minimal parts making it a light weight speed machine.

Australian RMG winches and Australian made Hales pulleys go side by side with mast sections we have made for us downunder and sails downunder also!

After a string of Katanas have been sent around the world we are really happy with the performance and ease of sailing, results are not bad either!

Here is one of the boats in China painted in smurf blue, well done guys!

New katana tooling is in the works for an updated version…..


-Grahams build

Graham in melboure is building this lovely boat to a set of old plans he had found.

Walking through our workshop he saw what looked like a similar boat hull (ours is the timber hull pictured) its the same and we even have the plans with it, what a small world!

Graham has hand made many of the fittings as this boat has windsurfer type booms and was excited to see some of the classic boat fittings we have coming to join our new range of classic parts and books.


-Is it a Mirage?

Here is one of the Team Issue Nitro ioms we sent out, sailing in Norway, results have been good so far with Nitros 1 and 3 in the scandanavian titles!

Mantra 10r

Besides Mirage Yachts and Radio Sailing Shop launching the Nitro iom and M1A1 Rg-65, there are plans to do more of the Mantra 10R.

Sailed as a dual rated Marblehead and 10R the current boats have had good speed and a few changes are planned, here are some pics in 30 knots at Lake Garda!


-New RG65 from Mirage

Look out for the new M1A1 Rg-65 launching new year, this is based on our highly succesful team boats with more than a few tweeks form sailing them over the last 2 years.

As with the Nitro iom, these are avaialable as fully built boats from Mirgage or hull/foil kits from

Custom sail arms, swing rig retention device (rig-a-majig) and rig kits available with Hull packs.


- Andres iom in Hawaii

If you are a fan of Parquet you will love the deck on Andres iom in Hawaii!

Another beautiful timber build and with Craig Smith fins in white will look quite stunning when you see it sail past!


-Yutakas nimbus, fitting new foils

Another of our friends in Japan has come up with this one  make the keel fin fit an older boat with timber foils.

We are currently helping a lot of people refresh and update our good friend Craig Smiths old (20 year old) ts-2 ioms.

Craig won his first iom world title with the ts-2 and they are still a great boat, just hard for us to get parts for but we are working on that with Craig!


-Sergey in St Petersburgs Goth Rg65s

So far away, but another pocket of rg65 sailors.

Nice boom design set up also!


-Peter Browns Ec12 (east coast 12)

What can we say?

Love the classic lines of the ec-12, there are a lot sailing about and we send a lot of groovy masts out to sailors.

Shannons rebuilding one in New Zealand he found recently also, we shall await pics!


-Rebuilding an ikon.

1998 we helped bring in a SAILSetc Ikon iom and Craig Smith race prepared it.

20 years later it came back to the shop and we have restored it for sailing with the help of , Rob Guyatt rebuilding the original winch (didn’t need much really, they are so bullet proof!) Graham Bantock made a new bow bumper and a little help from Craig!

Still a bit to do, but going to be a fun boat to sail on iom club handicap days!  before and after pics!

The original winch was fitted with a rmg self tensioning drum and this allowed for sheets to be redone a bit more neatly also with full brummel lock splices. As the steering winch no longer worked a new one went in and neatened servo arm fitted.

It was built by Ian Cole in the SAILSetc workshop, at the time he had sold the businesss to Graham and Lorna and continued as boat builder at SAILSetc, very nicely built and a real piece of history.

Add to that the boat was typically 3rd behind Craig and Brad at events and it is even a more special boat!


-Bruce in qld, an old time boat

Bruce has been building this 1980s keel boat replica.

Always interesting to see how they sail without an overly deep keel as scaling factor really plays havoc when people reduce big boats to modle size and sail them, we shall see how progress goes!


-David grube boats

David has created amongst others this little beauty, look at the pics, need I say more?



-Dudleys Ellipsis iom

In New Zeadland Dudley is building from the plans of Frank Russell a new Elipsis.

Franks plans can be found as free plans in our plans section along with plans by our friend Mark Dicks as well as Rigging plans and many others, take a look but allow a few hours and be prepared for the consequences!



Painted one of our pond yachts pink and Loredana ended up having twin girls.

Be careful out there!


-Iris morales clubs other one metres

A collection of one metre boats raced at the club, not iom, but one metre long!

Makes for a good fleet!


-Lew Gemmels t37

Have you seen tippie canoe model boats?

Been around for years as pond boats and some Rc boats, thousands worldwide and well worth a look.

We have helped rerig a few with new parts and more high tech parts, but a great boat and an amazing business story keeping our sailng dreams alive.


-John Lewis RG65 goths

Another great build by John, who is also building a few of Franks boats from plans as well as sailing Goths from the shop.

Makes molding look easy!  for more details on molding see our article on the site, molding an iom!


-More Rg65 pics!






-And in the other corner!

It has been a big and busy year again, thankyou to all that have supported and sailed with us on the journey and we wish you all he best for next year and the future.