Radio Sailing Shop Boat News : Jan 2018 - 22 years online!,rg65s,classic parts,vane steering

-Final 2017 edition, we race, you win!

This year marks our 22nd year online and our 26th building and sending out RC Yachts internationally, hows that!

Its not all about racing, its about fun!

However having said that we have won again for the third straight year in a row since relaunching the shop!

This season in our main RG-65 regatta series we had 45 boats sailing in Sundays premier race events.

For the Tuesday RG-65 racing we had 28 boats, yep won that also!

Good fleets sailing and a strong class of 65cm boats and growing.

In 2018 we have lots of new things coming and along with our recently arrived twin girls, our racing focus will take a back seat and see us supporting race management and team sailors internationally.

In conjunction with Mark Dicks, we are also forming the DicksDesignRacing/ development team.

Whatever you sail and where ever you sail, have fun and share the spirit.

Our race boats are built with parts from the shop and we are always happy to share information to help you go as fast as possible and have fun, you will find pics of our boats in the newsletter to aid your build and ideas.

The only condition….

Share the knowledge and help people into our sport and have fun!


-New year, new boat!

AUS-1 , 'Black betty' got an update, a carbon copy really, literally!




-Flemmings great iom build!

Something is in the water it seems, with so many people building beautiful timber ioms at the moment, here is another!


-New parts for new and old boats, books also!

New classic fittings, sailmaking wings and more coming next year!!!

Spreaders and others!


-More rg65s from Mark Dicks.

Mark didn’t just design the Dragon Force and dragon flite hulls, his Rg65s and ioms are epic and we are building a Sliver up to sail with a couple of other new boats……

More free plans for designs are on the site from Mark, worth a look and a build!