Radio Sailing Shop Boat News : Feb 2016 - Carbon Rg65s,iom rigging,more classics,507 footy

-iom (international one metre class ) racing for the 2016 victorian titles, won by Kirwin Robb.

A great fleet with interstate and international competitors designs including - the Chase, Britpops, Vickers V8, V9, Kozmik, TNT.

More sailing photos and set up pics below!

Craig Smiths Chase design sailed by Mario Gulic. Craigs fins are the best in finish , weight and stiffness and he dropped more around to us the other night!


My RG-65 ' Black Betty' doing its thing.

She's getting a bit nervous with replacement sister ship sitting in the dock next door and making faces. (pic shane baker)

No more Mr nice guy.........


We dont just sit around talking about boats, sometimes we go for a wander to strange parts far away from where we normally steer things! (lots of dolphins that day tapping my feet today!)


-Element 18 , Argon.

The SailsEtc Argon RG-65 has landed, in force, here are the first 2 Argon update boats being assembled and trialled.

Featuring similar bow to its big sister the Marblehead design 'Quark" , the Argon is a brutal hull shape that is pure speed.

Internals and deck detailing show just why a SailsEtc boat is so diferent to the others.

Natural carbon keeps the weight down and looks so nice!

Spectra spliced backstays and tiny rudder quadrant make the detail of the Argon.


-Alberto at AA parts has finally been able to resupply parts to us, here is the latest variable geometry vang!


-Umm, Starboard?


- New from Futaba the T2HR 2.4ghz digital 2 channel handset with analog slider fine tune, yes you heard me right!

Super light reciever and great price, also has dual rate adjustment on steering


-Don at Wonthaggi has built a few boats, these two are being re rigged for the grand kids to test!

Yep, another Couta boat!!! and french pilot boat, really pretty boats, cannot wait to see them sailing!


-my old boat and my new old boat!


-Spring has sprung!

Balmain Bug , fife classic pond yacht, 507 footies and some of the new Goth rg-65s!


-Ioms set up pictures.

Garth is holding his new Britpop and came down from QLD for the state titles in Vic, windy and waves, cold also, welcome to melbourne!

Bensons new TNT from Italy surfing along, using the Bullet jib boom counter weight and other bits from radio sailing shop!

Britpop set ups are similar to those used on othe rioms so these pics we hope will help guide you, thanks Kirwin for the chance to share your grey boats set up!

Another Britpop and set up ideas!

This one is just a cool shot, thanks to John Boys for taking them!

And a couple of more Brit pop ioms!

Then a different boat!!!  Benson 'Bam Bam' Or's TNT again!


-For something differnet have a look at the self steering set up on the 'Star' Pond yacht.

Tiller is linked to the mainsail, adjust it correctly and will steer in a straight line and hopefully go where you want !

This is another Callum has , fairly brutal and functional shape thats actually quite pretty!


Andrew Crocker has been working on adapting his wing sail to Loredanas boat and we have been trialling it to see just what potential there is!

Andrew will run his bigger wing on the 10Rater at the ACT state titles next week all going to plan, we wait to see how it goes!


-In between Souvlakis and food in Athens, our good friend Vangelis and i get up to more mischeif (if thats at all possible).

While we await the arrival of his new son, here is the Filya iom design that Vangelis has been making furiously!


-Robin Racing has a new ride, the Goth mk4 rg-65 !

Robin has taken delivery of his new team boats and getting them up and running! (pic Shane Baker)

Drop water on these boats and they seem to multiply!

Robin Racing detail shots, show some of the Radio Sailing Shop design updates incorporated in the hull.


-Steve Champion came over from New Zealand with his 'Kozmik' design for couple of iom events and went nicley.

This is the boat we showed being built earlier in the year! (scroll through the news section)


-Ioms lining up for a start!

In the crash boat i had my hands full recovering boats out of control in the wild weather and staying warm.

Then thankfully day 2 the weather was lighter and everyone was out to watch!


-Goth RG-65s mk4 have arrived in the shop.


-To show the size of some of our fittings here are some coins with the rg6, iom and  marblehead rudder quadrants!

Counterweights from a marblehead and rg-65 show a small size difference!!!

While this pulley from the Goth looks a bit small compared to one on the big boat!

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