Marblehead class yachts prepearing for the world titles in Italy 2016, pic by John Boys.

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Free Rg-65 Plans from Mark Dicks designer of the Dragon Force now available in plans section!

And new Mark Dicks IOM now in production and coming soon......

Just Arrived - NEW PRODUCTS 

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Corrosion x, coat your reciervers and servos in the liquid and it forms a protective membrane that conducts electricity but shields moisture, protects for a long time.

Supplied in small dripper bottles the 'Speed X' version is also formulated for bearings, so if you have a gooseneck with bearings and sail in salt, you need this!


A picture tells a 1000 words so we are slowly updating our drawings of products for items we have here, gives you an idea of what they are like and some are pretty special!

SailsEtc are always very functional and durable and the Australian made Hales Micro pulleys are simply the best, featuring stainless steel ball bearings (almost do not need to use Corrosion X on them, almost!)


New Sail Corners for Large (IOM to A-Class) and smaller (RG-65 , Micro magics) available now, each comes with corners,reinforcement patches (complement the Spectre Speed Spots well) and batten end spots!

Also New from Robin Racing are a range of Rig Bags for Dragon Force and Rg-65s with more products coming....


The Futaba 6K Radio & Hitec Optic 5

Some features of the T6K full range computer radio and receiver:

-Internal Aerial (prevents breakage and damage) - Reciever voltage up to 7.4 volts - Unmatched response speed - 15 model memory - Big LCD screen with timer - Supplied in Mode 2 for radio yachts - FHSS 2.4GHz Technology - End Point Adjustment - Great Value - Click Here

Also available Hitec Optic 5 is a great radio set at a lower price with quality build and performace offered by Hitec.

NOW AVAILABLE - Wall Charger, Charging Lead and Spare Receivers for

Futaba 6J&6K Radios


The "Wing Thing' Sail Makers Block (Made in Australia), coloured luff tape and matching speed spots for sail detailing.


Boats - Classic Aussie kits, modern IOMs and RG-65 race boats. Rig Kits, Rig tools and new updated servo range.



Just landed, new stocks of 36 , 50 & 75 Micron Sail Material from the UK

          Now available in 10 metre rolls - SAVE 10%      

Bainbridge and Kikusui Double Sided Tapes for sail making Sail makers have different preferences, but generally the Kikusui is a more aggressive high strength tape.


New removable rudder kit. literally the push rudder stock into the hull tube up into the fitting and click your rudder is fitted and locked in, removal is a breeze! Also pictured are various size rudder heads to suit from 2.5mm to 5mm rudder stocks.



Pictured above, Sailsetc "No5" vang with new self locking bottle screw, RG-65 vang, Sailsetc boom ends, VM-01 lightweight boom vang and Sailsec boom slides.



We now have new stocks of  5gram ,16gram & 25gram Bullets Tungsten Counterweights - Click Here

36gram Bullets back in stock in June!

      Also Pictured Boom "end fitting" - Click Here  Britpop


JUST ARRIVED - RG65 Dragon Force Sails - Quality Australian Made in A, B & C Rigs - Click Here

 - Dragon Flite 95 Sails - Quality Australian Made in A, B, C & D  Rigs - Click Here


We now have FREE downloads of drawings and instructions for SAILSetc Boom Kits, Rig Plans, Goosenecks, and other useful information in our "Free Boat and Rigging Plan Links" - Click Here


All types of turn buckles , rudder quadrants, sheet leads and mast rams, a picture tells 1000 words!


High Modulus Carbon Fibre Tube in stock

Now available in 3 piece High Modulus C/F Telescoping Mast 1m x 14mm, 1metre x 12mm, 500mm x 10mm


Stainless Steel Rigging Wire 

Super Value Pack = 40% more wire - See "RIGGING - Wire/Spectra/Dyneema" - Click Here

We have increased our range of Malin wire and rationalised the sizes. We now have #7 - 36Kg wire which is ideal for smaller classes, and have replaced the #8 wire with #9 - 49Kg which is slightly stronger and the best all round rigging wire for IOM and similar classes. We have also added #12 - 81Kg wire to our range, which is ideal for A Class and similar larger yachts.


 SAILSetc Booms in Black - 347mm & 400mm

Click Here for Boom Sections                     Click Here for Boom Kits


RG-65 parts arriving soon as above, Carbon Fibre Mast head crane, carbon fibre mainsail head swivel, lightweight rudder head, 5mm jib boom swivel, Boom vang, jib boom counter weight, boom bands, swing rig t piece, swing rig and normal mast bearing kit.  Also , minature bowsies , lightweight cordage, boom fittings, 6 and 8 mm carbon fibre for masts and more!


Whilst we cannot always help with the nut steering your boat, we can help with the steering nut and other bolts and fixtures.

Tube from 1mm and wire for hooks and steering, new .9mm stainless wire just arrived.


25-100 - Mast Head Fitting for 10mm Carbon Fibre Tube


Replaces the old 023g or 23-008 fitting and now includes a Backstay Crane


BACK IN STOCK - After a long wait we now have new stocks of our very popular lightweight rigging screws. Featuring an upgraded design with bushing for the 1.5mm wire. The body is made from 7075 High Tensile Aluminium and is now supplied with traditional eyebolt . Suitable for RG65, IOM, M, 10 Rater etc.




Forestay/Downhaul Attachment for 11mm Booms                          Tang for 11m Main Booms


 - Joiner for SAILSetc Boom Section - 15 degrees - Click Here




      402-05 Adjustable Clew Fitting for 10mm & 11mm Round Booms                           402-09 Jib Boom Forward End Fitting for 11mm Alloy Boom


      402-13 Main Boom Forward End Fitting with Cunningham Eye                           301-06 Mast Heel Fitting for 11mm Alloy & 14mm Carbon Tube


   - SAILSetc Through Deck Block with Seal


   - 11mm High Tensile Round Booms 500mm long  



Clew Fittings & Sheet Leads for 11mm and 11.1mm Round Booms


100a Wind Indicator - Upgraded Design     46-SE Jib Boom Swivel

    RMG Smart Switch - Standard & BEC - Click Here


 - Universal Vangs in 7075 Aluminium weighs only 6 grams - Click Here


    Masthead Sail Attachment Hook - Click Here                                 Backstay Hook  - Click Here


         NEW - Laser Cut Mast Crane - Click Here                                       Masthead Set - Click Here


  Deck Track & Slides Back in Stock - 2 Lengths - Click Here



        Sidestay Hook                   Forestay Hook                      Flat Hooks                 Prewired and Sealed Switch



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