Star Yacht 3 - 35cm
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Star Yacht 3 - 35cm


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Made to sail, these are not just display yachts.

SY-3 Star yacht, 35cm hull with stand.

The 'Northern Star' of the Star Pond Yacht range.

Available in blue or red.


These Star Yachts are many years old and have been hidden in the corner of a warehouse after the Importer of Star Yachts retired.

We were lucky to find them and be able to present these new Star Yachts, brand new in boxes but still as 30 years old stock!

Star Yachts Birkenhead ceased trading in 1982 as far as we can and tell they are from around that date commisioned by him.

The range he created contains updates of the Bowman (another older design from the 1940s and long gone now) and other designs now labeled as Stars yachts by him and manufactured with solid brass hardware versus the rusting steel parts original boats used!

Whilst they are not identical materials (they are better!) to the Star i was given as a child, they will weather and last better and as im not game to sail my original 50year old boat, its a classic, the new ones are only 30 years old so i feel less guilty about sailing them!

These are the last in the world and are in limited numbers and definately built to last with better materials.

Almost identical to my first Star i was given when a youngster by my grand dad, that had plated fittings and cotton sails.

As with the Stars from 80 years ago they need to be cleaned down if you sail them in salt and dried, do not leave them outside in the hot sun, they are timber and like the original boats they can crack, care for them like a classic pond boat!

Some may have slight paint imperfections, but none we have unwrapped have been bad, they are old collectible classics after all.


More of the range pictured below.

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