31s - Ball Ended Rigging Screw, snaps into plate
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31s - Ball Ended Rigging Screw, snaps into plate


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31s - Ball Ended Rigging Screw, snaps into deck plate 31set (seperate item) . For IOM or similar

This is a rigging screw that can be quickly snapped into a specially designed plate embedded in the deck of the boat. Removal is equally simple. The design of the rigging screw stops it from falling out when the shroud goes slack.

These rigging screws have a ball at the lower end that engages positively in a keyhole plate recessed into the deck. A compression spring lock provides added security to prevent the rigging screw coming out when the shroud goes slack. The snap in/out rigging screw is quick to attach when rigging the boat, can be adjusted in situ, leaves no exposed hook that will foul rigging lines on board or another boat’s rigging, and does not foul other items of rigging when in transit.

On SAILSetc boat a small cup is moulded into the primary hull moulding to provide a shallow 13 mm watertight recess in the deck on each gunwale. On retro fit boats the cup is a moulded glass/epoxy or carbon/epoxy ‘cup’ bonded into place. The plate is a 15 mm diameter stainless steel plate with a keyhole cut out that the rigging screw engages into. Two holes provided for M2 screws to be used to fix the plate down through the cup to the connector. The connector is a T shaped piece of stainless steel. Two tapped holes take the M2 screws that hold the plate down. The leg of the T is used to connect to the diagonal strut that takes the load of the shroud to the keel/floor of hull. We use TubeJ for this purpose but any suitable 6 mm ID tube will do.

If the cup should get sand or dirt into it such that the ball of the rigging screw cannot be inserted, do the following to clear it. Remove ONE of the M2 screws holding the plate. Slacken the other until the plate can be raised enough to rotate it 180 degrees. Clean out the debris, place the plate back in position and replace the screws.


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