Radio Sailing Shop Boat News : July 2023 - after covid and many boats have been built

-First edition 2023 , go build, go sail!

Its about building!!  (we dont mind plastic boats though either, in fact some of our best friends sail them, catamarans also!)

Here's more from the work benches, boats less boring or made less boring, built by sailors worldwide!

Some 'old' Marblehead class race boats, more later.


A recent restoration of Pilot cutter, she had been sitting in a country wine cellar for almost a century and very unloved, until.....  more later!


Yes, we do restorations from time to time for owners, its amazing some of the classics we see!

The tool board represents 4 generations of endeavours, from the tools used to build the first cars in Australia, to tools used by my aunty, one of if not Australias first female sail makers, in the 1950s. Later some of the tools used to build modern cars whilst our more current products have even been going into space created with them!


Jonathan is starting to make several model sailing ketches based off the design of the Australian Pearling Luggers. These vessels will be LOA on deck 600mm beam 145mm draft 120mm, gaff rigged and sailable.


Bigger toy boats and we have the canting keel centred before launching to race, need more sailing though!

And thats 50 years Sailing, only allowed to join Sandringham yacht club when you are 10, in the old days, not any more,that means the twins have been members for 6 years from birth now!


Kyosho seawind sails for ruffino by Spectre Sails and a custom dragon force df-65 dragon!


Alan is refurbing a pond yacht that was made when he was young, around 1970.

It never had proper deck or rigging fittings, only had screw eye's, now it does!


The Twins new boats for their birthday!  100 year old pond yachts are rare and 2 the same, coming from the same street address as ours, yet from birmingham uk, the other side of the world for the twins birthday is amazing, big thankyou to Mark Dicks for sending!

Twin pond yachts got stands and a clean to start! Good to see Mark cleaning some of his pond yachts between sailing his Dragon Force 65 and Dragon Flite 95 designs!

(Step away from the Trimaran Mark....  little speed demons are watching  :) )


How do you measure wind speed? this ones a beauty!


3d printed rg65 from the files in the shop we did a few years ago, comes out alright!


Toy boats? its all about perspective, large or small, 100ft or 100cm , all toys!


Mast base before and after with deck repaired and refinished carefully to keep patina.

Vane gear mount repaired and remounted after all parts stripped away.

Days of cleaning in the right solutions help revive the parts!

And she has 3 original rigs even!

Jib fitting was similar aged finish to other parts and a good clean and repair needed!

Classic Tucker designer 36 restricted class yacht restoration.


January 2023 and our products are into space on the spacex Falcon and june again( space ship hitting Mach 23.5, fastest rc boat parts in the world (well almost out of this world!)


New pond yacht made for Eva to sail with our friends at Luxemborg Gardens in Paris, until covid stopped the world. Must finish the second yacht now!

Wooden iom raceboat anyone?  Looking great (nice (Spectre) sails too!)


Restoring a 40year old Ec-12 (east coast 12 metre, a mold was made from the Americas cup tank test model, 3000+ boats sailing in the United States).

Old Futaba radio gear and winches needed a reliable update so in went the ARS-808 and hitec servos, independant jib in-haul control added.

Pre clean and updated fittings.

A deep clean and new chainplates and fittings, winch board removes with 2 bolts.

And what EC-12 would'nt look good in the old Challenge 12 colors!


More boats?


Balmain Bugs, a whole new world and section in the website, click here for more Bugs!

This one from rod 18 incher bug completely hollowed out with variable quarter / half inch hull walls mostly quarter . We see a lot of older boats and try to help identify, restore and keep them in their families and away from rubbish collections.

Many like this later Sydney acing skiff model (known these days as Balmain bugs) can be dated due to their construction and even if they are later builds, still have a great amount of work behind them, not copies , more so later boats!


Our friend Ray Eade has been dabling in rg65 building again!


Thunder Tiger Victoria sailboat, 30 years old and still stornger than ever, best plastic boat bar none! one of most fun boats also!

Had a few of the 300plus we have sailing about come back to see us every now and then so new sails and parts are a well sorted set up now!


Joes handiwork so far from the United States, so far!


the many colors of sails ,Spectre Sails since 1996!   (wow thats a while now!)

Cutty Sark was red, then we found white underneath as the original color, so now white again!


Quite a few 36 raters have been turning up down under also, like this lovely example.



ok, so even motor boats too!

check out the kit at miss behave - d (  ,thanks for sharing matt!


This little Uffa Fox 16 came in to visit, if you havent heard of him, look him up!!!!


(was it really that long ago!)

Eddie Kennedys old Roger Stollery designed Roar Edge came to us, its original purple i recall sailing when she ws new was tragic, so foxbat yellow it is now!

Our late friend Peter Williams rom Royal Brighton Yacht club who got me into smaller toy yachts, left me his boat bits, amongst them a rudder and shipping blocks for his roar edge.

the purple boat needed a rudder and i recalled Peter telling me about the one i found buried in one of his boxes, thanks Pete!


Built in 1920 this aussie pond yacht needed a clean and a good home.

The history preserved, so good to be able to trace.

And of course a stand to keep her safe!


The photos do not do justice to this Basset-Lowke pond yacht, made by Alexanders of Preston.

Mr Alexander trained at Fife Boat builders, hence the graceful hull lines inspired by their yachts, Mr Fife was claimed to have said he could not build a pond yacht as fast as his employees.


Rick is onto making thes furl as well as swivel,  square riggers too, wow love to see them sail!


yet another old marblehead, check out the keel and sheet routing.

And the backstay fitting!



ARS-808 and ARS-808R brushless, digital, water resistant sail winches, the first and best, don't get stung by cheap look alike copies!


Jimmy is trying to identify this balmain Bug!  We are also going to put her in the catalog for future generations to be able to find and help with (see the balmain bug pages)!

If you are on facebook check out , Australian Classic and Vintage Model Yacht Group



Greg in New Zealand is the builder of the electron rc sailboat, big fleets over the paddock!


Also over the paddock in N.Z, Neil Deverell has been 3d printing the latest D6 boats!

Available in kit form or assembled hulls.


Another 507 footy in paris with Renaud and a little french pond yacht being tidied up!


Model 18ft Skiff by Graham, aided by Ian Smith and his Skiff history books

With sails and rigging are all undersize to see how easy it would heel over before building a more scale set of gear.

A 4.5 kg bulb on the fin but also a 2kg bulb which can be fitted by itself or together with the 4.5 kg one.

The jib and staysail operate on a different servo winch to the mainsail.



Bob has this 'designed by a bloke in The States'  It looked fascinating so he bit the bullet and bought the plans. He found them to be "lacking in common sense in a lot of places so in those situations, that’s what Ihe had to apply. It’s kept the little grey cells active so that can’t be a bad thing.  "



Adrians "Colin Archer" lifeboat, an always popular uk build by modellers!


A Hamleys department store 'Reg' Yacht from the uk

After and before a deep clean.


A nearly finished Qld Government Steam Yacht LUCINDA, from David.


Gamages department store pond yachts from the uk, 1920s

Miss Eloise a 1921 Gamages yacht.


Bens  family pond yacht, back in the day and current times, good to be able to helpskeep in the family for more generations!


Another Balmain bug Weight of Hull is 2kg , weight of mast, sails etc 650grams . The mast and sails certainly look to be much later than the Hull as a couple of the ropes have nylon fittings and the canvas and cords look 1960s. The rudder also looks to be an older replacement .  'GEM' may have had a long racing career she is a lovely boat from Justin.


Mast and boom drilling guides. 8-16 mm boom guide and sailsetc boom and round booms.


Adrian (another) is building a scale Mirror Dinghy set up for radio control (which the uk kits were designed to be).

More Color?

Custom sails by Spectre Sails.

A pilot cutter sailing, more of an older Pilot Cutter restoration later...


Love Classic Marblehead sailboats, another view below of Anthonys red boat.


Mark built the T50 a few issues back and heres the Spook 10R and the frames of a usa IOD in progress.


Bruse in South Africa has built a Balsa Ellipsis , check out the detail!


Johns , Nottingham 48 built from a kit from Alan Horne, UK. similar to the Canterbury J class from New Zealand and Aussie J boats.


Jos has built a new boom for the 100 odd year old Derwent 50 he is rebuilding in Tasmania.


1800s Pilot Cutter, before cleaning and stabilising paint work and deck.

And after.. with added spars and rigging etc.

And a rudder as it was missing too!

A beautiful restoration all in all.


Another classic Marblehead , from Brian, she was registered on the 9th of the 8th 1967.  

All Fittings are gold plated, deck fittings in brass and coated it 22 carat gold. 

At the time the city of Freemantle in WA was coming up to host the Americas cup challenge so a famous sail maker Rolly Tasker here in Port Adelaide offered to make the sails which he did using the typical method of sewing the the sails in sections to get the drive air pockets up close to the mast similar to a full size boat.  The sails were held to the mast via small hooks that were sewn into the edge of the sail.

These were clipped into the fine steel wire that was stretched up the height of the mast.

The registration number is M  KA23.  The yacht went on display in the front window of Adelaide's major store David Jones promoting the Americas cup to be held in Freemantle in a few months time


An aussie reinterpretation of the US marblehead Riptide, shrunk to 1 metre l.o.a.

Almost too nice to sail Matt!


Alan from diagrams on the net and the knowledge of the rig from one he built and sailed in the 80s and 90s,  planned and built a Paper Tiger. The 6 channel sradio control system worked well with 2 channels for the main sail.


Stuarts King billy Pine and Blackwood iom build



Tony has built this iom, 3.69 kgs , that is with servos. Only to add rigging and battery!



Gordon Maguires latest iom home build sailboat!


Sibling sailing, Aunty Pam and Dad 1960s and Eva and Lily 2020s (my hairy legs not them)!

Dad and i sailing mirror dinghy and the twins sailing with me, see where this goes, its fun!

Just so simply messing about in boats!