Radio Sailing Shop Boat News : Oct 2016 - Wing Sails,Pond Yachts,more ioms,classic Herreshoff

-Someone said we focus the newsletter too much on little boats and Ioms, so here are some bigger ones!

Don't forget this is only the first of many pages of news , so when you get to the  bottom of the page click 'previous' for a lot more photos of interesting builds and helpful set up photos!

As you may remember , we sail big toy boats as well as little, here is Zutem the canting keel boat we race along with a William Fife design from over 100 years ago, one is pretty, the other a bit faster!


-The Katana V2 Marblehead goes disco techno in a range of super high definition colors, or one to your choice, flames perhaps!

Ultra High Modulus PrePreg Aerospace carbon hull and foils and Machined Bronze bulb, new 10R coming soon.........


-10R State titles 2016 Canberra and a great fleet shot, thanks to Graham Brown.

(Notice Andrew Crockers Wing Sail, this is the bigger version of the one Andrew built for the RG-65 shown earlier in Boat news!)


-Kris in Belgium is building Brad Gibsons Alternative design as are many others worldwide, plans availble from BG Sails, thanks Brad!


-RG-65 racing continues, fleets are building in numbers and quality with many dragon force 65 owners stepping up to goths, Argons and mirage Rgs (we still have hatches, rig bags , servos and parts for Dragn Force 65s and Dragon Flite 95s though!!)


-Linc's new 10r has hit the water and he is preparing for the nationals, the cookie monster is looking great and will be another to watch closely!


-More Mx Components boats have arrived and more coming, so if you dont see it on the site and want a Iom, Rg-65, Mablehead , 10R, or Footy, contact us because we probably have one on the way already!


-Sailing styles from Peter in Hong Kong and Olle Sweden! (both are iom fleets)!


-Albert Park Model Yacht Club on the other hand....


-The theme is however, no matter what size toy boat you sail, 50 feet long or 1 foot it is about getting out and sailing!

Here is Patterson River Remote Model Yacht Clubs all classes sailing , RG-65s and A- Class yachts!


-KATANA Marblhead Class Yacht from Carbonix Australia.  The Marblehead class originated in Marblehead Massachusetts in the USA, later being adopted across the pond in the uk as the RM.

Made from Aerospace grade pre impregnanted high modulus carbon fibre and with Machined solid bronze ballast this is a truly bespoke boat and available to ship worldwide to your door!


-Pond Yachts, a barn find of brand new 30 year old star yachts in original boxes are now in the shop!


-Marcos goth iom in Milan gets faster. As seen in prevous news updates here is the latest!


-Paul Woodman as mentioned last issue has been building Herreshoff and Fife designs as boats around 1.5 metres long and here are some of them all sailing together over the last couple of years.


-New Boat Stand from Radio Sailing Shop!  Height adjustable to suit from RG-65 to 10R !


-Roberts new Proboat sails from RadioSailingShop sailing at St George Model Boat Club in Sydney!

Bigger Jib and panelled sails in mylar film make a big difference to the proboat, oh and a square top mainsail!


-New Sail Cloth!!

50 Micron "Pure White' cloth has arrived as seen on the head and foot main panels of the shop Rg as compared to other panels in the normal laminate cloth.

Easier to see from a distance this cloth is brilliant and available exclusively to Radio Sailing Shop!


-Blackbetty (AUS-1) racing, more Rg-65 pics!


-Swing rig detail shots! 

If you are building a RG-65 or Marblehead the SailsEtc parts and plans are in the shop, here are two built to plans from the parts boxes here!


-New RMG Winches

Rob has updated the RMG winch range and they feature improved waterproofing and other features, all our stock is of the new versions.