Radio Sailing Shop Boat News : 1st January 2015

One of the many great things about living in Hobart is getting to see the finish of the Sydney Hobart yacht race. We anchored Seaca off the finish line and Cassie took these pics of Wild Oats X1 crossing the line today. After having a match race with the brand new American maxi Comanche for virtually 650 miles, Wild Oats X1 emerged victorious. After grabbing these snaps we headed down river to get up close with Comanche which finished just 49 minutes behind.


                                             Wild Oats X1 throwing in the second last jibe to the finish line


                                                   Powered up in a 15 knot sea breeze going for the line


 And over the line she goes for her 8th Sydney Hobart win and the hardest fought battle she has had. Well done.


                             Comanche closing fast at about 20 knots up the Derwent River to Hobart


          Flying "Big Keef" (Kieth Richards???) the monster kite on Comanche looked super impressive up close.


             Going...Going...Gone - Seeya next year...maybe....we hope. What a day, what a race.

It is midnight here and we are anchored in Storm Bay on the outside of Bruny Island watching the lights of the other maxi yachts Ragamuffin and Rio 100, match racing to the finish line 30 miles away and less than a mile between them.